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Omega-6 Fatty Acid: Poorest Foods (per portion)

Omega 6 is a Polyunsaturated Fat.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Omega 6 Rich Foods
0%0gvinegar (15ml)
0%0glemon juice, raw (5ml)
0%0gsalt, table (1g)
0%0glight beer (4%) (1 can (355 ml))
0%0galcoholic, whisky (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0galcoholic, rum (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0galcoholic, vodka (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0gred wine (150ml)
0%0grosé wine (150ml)
0%0gwhite wine (150ml)
0%0gclub soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0gorange soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0gtea, brewed (175ml)
0%0gtea, brewed, herb (175ml)
0%0gperrier (500ml)
0%0gwater, municipal (500ml)
0%0gregular beer (5%) (1 can (355 ml))
0%0galcoholic, gin (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0gfrosting (icing), white, fluffy, dry mix, with ... (35ml)
0%0gdessert, frozen, ices, water, lime (75ml)
0%0gsweets, honey, strained or extracted (20g)
0%0gsweets, marmalade, orange (15ml)
0%0gsweets, sugars, brown (4g)
0%0gsweets, sugars, icing (powdered) (4g)
0%0gdecaffeinated cola (1 can (355 ml))
0%0gdecaffeinated coffee (175ml)
0%0ggrenadine syrups (60ml)
0%0gcandies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol) (15g)
0%0galcoholic beverage, rice (sake) (100ml)
0%0.0023gskimmed milk (dry) (25g)
0%0.005globster (100g)
0%0.0053glight fruit bottom yogurt (175g)
0%0.007glight yogurt (175g)
0%0.0073gskimmed milk (250ml)
0%0.0088graw abalone (125g)
0%0.013gsnail (125g)
0%0.014glight fruit yogurt (175g)
0%0.018gtrue whelks (100g)
0%0.018gsmoked scrod (55g)
0%0.019gskate (100g)
0%0.02gsurimi (100g)
0%0.021grock grenadier (100g)
0%0.021gcanned tuna (55g)
0%0.024gcuttlefish (100g)
0%0.025gpouting (100g)
0%0.026gscrod (100g)
0%0.026gcheese, calorie reduced (6% m.f.) (30g)
0%0.029gling, baked or broiled (100g)
0%0.03gsea bass, baked or broiled (100g)
0%0.03ghaddock, baked or broiled (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Omega 6 Rich Foods
95%11gwalnuts (30g)
93%11gtoasted sunflower seed kernels (30g)
83%10gpine nuts (30g)
75%9ghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
53%6.4ggrapeseed oil (10ml)
53%6.4gsesame seeds (30g)
52%6.2gpumpkin seed kernels (30g)
52%6.2gpecan nuts (30g)
51%6.2gbrazilnuts (30g)
50%6.1gsunflower oil (10ml)
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